We currently have several  projects in different planning phases. Send us your questions and suggestions. Thank you for your interest we are looking forward to your mail.

Switch Tutor - fun with learning

Our latest project, Switch Tutor, started in March 2019 and offers homework supervision and interdisciplinary tutoring for refugee school children.


In addition, there are committed and competent students, one or two days a week for about 2 hours directly in the refugee accommodation and help the students with doing their homework as well as with other school matters.


The aim is to offer the children a beautiful and trusting learning space in which they can ask questions and develop further.


The project is funded by the Tammus Foundation of Tomas and Susanne Tamm.

switch mind - Promote integration - take the initiative

Our latest project aims to facilitate integration for refugees by offering workshops directly in the refugee accommodation.

The aim of these workshops is to explain the basic principles of democratic rights, such as individual freedom and equality, to the participants in a simple and practical way.

We want to convey knowledge on an equal footing, which should facilitate orientation and enable independence and participation in Germany.

switch - your journey around the world

"Switch - Your Journey Around the World" is the first project of the Kulturbrücke Hamburg.


For more than 10 years, Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V. has been implementing a cultural exchange for children and adolescents aged 8-14 with its project "Switch - Your journey around the world". As part of the “Switch World Tour”, the participating children visit each other at home on 4 days. Playfully, they get to know the country of origin and the different cultures of the participants. According to Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V., this form of awareness for other cultures is a fundamental requisite for a respectful, tolerant and peaceful coexistence in an international and global society.


This is how intercultural learning is fun!


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switch Kids art

"Switch Kids Art" arose from the wish to be able to let socially and financially disadvantaged children take part in our children's cultural exchange.


Instead of visiting each other at home, at "Switch Kids Art" we organize a wide variety of creative activities in collaboration with Hamburg artists.


Since 2016 we have been going on excursions and activities with refugee children as part of "Switch Kids Art".