Extract from the statutes




Extract § 1 - § 3




Kulturbrücke Hamburg e. V.


In the version dated: January 27, 2020











§ 1 Name and Registered Office


§ 2 Purpose of the association


§ 3 Activities / Use of Funds




§ 4 Membership


§ 5 Resignation of the members


§ 6 Termination of Membership


§ 7 Cancellation of Membership


§ 8 membership fees


§ 9 Admission Fee


§ 10 organs


§ 11 Appointment of the General Assembly


§ 12 Board of Directors


§ 13 Form of the appointment


§ 14 Quorum


§ 15 Resolutions of the General Assembly


§ 16 Resolutions


§ 17 Management


§ 18 Advisory Board


§ 19 Dissolution


§ 20 Association assets



§ 1 Name and Registered Office


(1) The association bears the name: Kulturbrücke Hamburg


(2) The association has its seat in Hamburg


(3) The financial year of the association is the calendar year


(4) The association has been entered in the register of associations of the Hamburg District Court and has the addition “e. V. ".


§ 2 Purpose of the association


(1) The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section charitable purposes of the tax code §52 AO


(2) The purpose of the corporation is to promote international attitudes, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding. These purposes are achieved in particular by the fact that the corporation uses the arts and culture, history, language and education, religion, customs and traditions, the political, economic and social conditions and the way of life of the population of the Federal Republic of Germany Germany and especially Hamburg in different workshops,Presenting lectures and events and promoting personal encounters through the organization of exchange programs such as the children and family project "Switch", thus promoting mutual understanding and respect for existing differences, thereby contributing to peace and friendship between peoples .


The association also offers opportunities for leisure activities and support for children from socially disadvantaged families as well as for refugee children through the “Switch Kids Art” project.


(3) An additional purpose of the association is the promotion of child and youth welfare, in particular through targeted child and youth work in the context of educational projects and measures in school and extracurricular areas, including for children and young people from socially disadvantaged families through our "Switch" projects represent.


(4) Another purpose of the association is to promote and respect human dignity and human rights in all areas as well as to convey democratic acceptance of different cultures and the idea of international understanding and to educate refugees about the cultural and democratic values of the Federal Republic of Germany through the project "Switch Mind".


§ 3 Activities / Use of Funds


a) The association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.


b) The association's funds may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive payments from the association.


c) No person may be favored by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration.


(5) The exclusion takes effect immediately with the decision of the board of directors. If the member was not present when the resolution was passed, he or she must be notified immediately by registered mail of the exclusion by the board. The reasons that were decisive for the exclusion should be communicated.


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